Ellen Derham was the elder sister of Elizabeth Veevers, wife of Richard Veevers. The ladies, daughters of John and Dorothy Derham, were born in Lancaster where their father had a sailmaking company. Ellen remained a spinster and was residing with her sister at Woningworth on Lower Bank Road when she died aged 68. 

Nave South Side window Number 3 dedicaed to Ellen Derham

Ellen’s brother-in-law Richard was a partner in Myres and Veevers, the firm which designed Christ Church and planned the layout of the roads which surround the church. The Victorian estate known as Fulwood Park was the family’s home for over forty years and Richard had a hand in almost everything that happened locally.

The small quatrefoil shows a coat of arms of surmounted by a fish and the motto is ‘Victory without Pride’. 

The window is so similar in design to the one directly opposite that they have been attributed to the same designer, Lavers Barraud and Westlake. The colours and pale cartoons are characteristic features of this company’s products.